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Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby sobzphenz » Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:51 am

Ulu Tinjar area i can say just a minor of Kenyah ... like Sebob n etc ... but still it's in Kenyah hehe ...
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby berseb » Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:06 pm

sobzphenz wrote:berseb u r sebob too? same as me ... but I also mix though .. Bajau+Dusun+Chinese+Melanau (BTU)+Kedayan (Brunei)+Sebob/Kenyah ... at least there is someone here related to Sebob though... it doesn't matter if you can't speak Sebob well ... my level only average ... just nowadays improve lil bit than bfore speak in Sebob since a lot of my cuzins talked to me in Sebob language ... u know what I've did tried to learn Iban language .. but sometimes when I talk to my abang angkat (he's a Iban), stimes I do get mix the language into Sebob too .. LOLZ ... kauk muku ata Kuching poh... kura uman tipo kauk muku ata kuching? tamen ku irah jin mah poh? long loyang? tinen auk jin long loyang ... - meanings r u staying at kuching ... how many years you've been staying in kucihng? where's your parents from? long loyang? my mom is from Long Loyang ... hehe ...

sobzphenz, wah so many mix haha. As detail, me also mix though Memaloh(Kalimantan)+Brunei+Iban+Berawan+sebob/kenyah. But I very closed with Berawan, follow my mother(kpg.Lg Jegan). I've been here(Kuching) about 9 years. Working + studies (OUM). My late father exactly from Lg.Loyang( the placed like no others). He leave the kampung since age nine years old(adventure). "Tipo kauk kuman" the only word that I understand hehe.
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby CTL » Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:42 pm

Dear all

Kenyah sebob not only in Long Loyang. There are some of our root in Long Sobeng and Long Selapun and Long Lobang in Ulu Tinjar.
I myself from Long Loyang. Currently live in Germany.
Chebobian,Bersep and Balanavo, would like to get to know u guys. who know i can help finding ur root. hehehee.. or maybe we are relative.
Balanavo heard your father name but i gues never seen him. Your family rarely come back to Long Loyang, maybe once in 10,20 years.. sorry if i am wrong.
Sob i know you and the whole family. great meeting you here. sure you have no idea who am i. regards to your mom. where and how is your sist now'?
email me at

regards to all.
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby sebob lg selapun » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:55 am

hi im from lg selapun..lakik danak..haha
sebob not only at lg loyang..there are some villages at the upper river..for xtra info...
Long selapun,long pala and long sobeng also have sebob community.,,
matai tajin!!:D
sebob lg selapun
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby Orjah » Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:00 pm

I like kenyah.. i met one girl here and she was my ex now..:(
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby seedicky1952 » Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:54 pm

Try to call Mr Nordin Malim .He knows very nooks and crannies of the Longs of Baram. Some of you are good writer ,call him ..
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby seedicky1952 » Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:13 pm

Sambal feeling lucky to have found this site.... i always wanted to research about my wife's origin.. she's a descendant of Aban Jau of the Kenyah Sebob king in Ulu Tinjar, from her father's side. I understand that Aban Jau (sometime early 1800s) was crowned as Sultan Brunei representative in Ulu Tinjar. His grand daughter, Lata, married a Brunei pengeran, Awang Rajit, who came to Ulu Tinjar area to trade. From the marriage they had a son named Puso. Later Awang Rajit went bck to Brunei but was prevented to bring his wife and son back with him. He was prevented to do so because Puso was a lineage of Aban Jau to inherit his leadership. Later Awang Rajit, asked his brother and fellow Bruneians to kidnap Puso on their next trip to trade in the interior. The Bruneians managed to kidnap Puso when the Sebob were busy in their works/orchards. During the pursuit of the kidnappers, the Sebob realized that the ones that kidnap Puso was his uncle and it was decided that Puso would be alright in the custody of the Bruneians (since they were not enemies). Puso was brought to Bintulu where a community of Bruneians were living there (to escape from the tyranny of the Sultan). So, Puso was brought up as muslim in Bintulu amongst the Melanaus and Bruneians. When he was big enough, Puso was married to the local girl. He married three times, first to Naemah, second to Dayang Khatijah and lastly to Embed. My wife lineage comes from the marriage of Puso with Naemah, the first wife. I've got the lineage tree to trace back my wife's blood to Aban Jau the Sebob King. I'm very interested to meet the Orang Ulu side of my wife's that i can further research about the legendary Aban Jau. If any of you out have some info about him and his Orang Ulu lineage , you can contact me at

Yes, you are almost correct to the above .may be my mother can recall what you write above.
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby marcodavinci » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:46 pm

ahaa...i'm kenyah sebob too,me from Lg Apu....
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Re: Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

Postby MiriBoyz » Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:54 pm

Kenyah Sebob mostly from Long Sobeng and other nearby villages in Tinjar area.
Im a pure Kenyah.
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